Expert Secrets of Art - #1

Art Inspires!!

While viewing an impressive painting or fine art photography, viewers report feeling inspired by the work. Often that inspiration unlocks creative potential and opens pathways in the mind to new ideas. New innovative ideas often lead to improving the workplace, improving productivity, creative marketing campaigns which in the long term creates profitability.

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This Art Rental Program is available for an affordable membership which provides 4 exhibits per year (3 months each) with approximately 1 dozen original paintings. Turn your lobby, office , conference room or entire business into a gorgeous art gallery. What an amazing thing to do for your clients and employees.

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Reference and further reading:
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Expert Secrets of Art - #2


Art Connects!


If your business is desiring to connect with a particular type of customer, art is one way to do that. If your demographic is families, then hanging artwork that depicts families or scenes that are pleasing to families help you to connect with them before they even meet you.

Reference and further reading:
The Influence of Art on Common People by Pablo Goto, diginetXpress Oct 25, 2011

Expert Secrets of Art - #3


Art Creates Better Experiences!


Going into a stark white environment is cold and uninviting. In contrast, walking into an environment lined with colorful artwork is warm, interesting and even fun. It instantly sets the mood for a better experience.

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Expert Secrets of Art - #4


Art Influences Mood!


Calming nature scenes can create an atmosphere of peace or contentment for a space.

Art by Rebecca Jaggers

Bright, dynamic abstracts can create a exciting dramatic atmosphere for a space.

Art by Deanna Graves

Unusual surrealistic pieces can create conversation which can breakup the silence in a space.

Art by Shayne Tuthill

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Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College London, who conducted brain scan experiments, said: "We wanted to see what happens in the brain when you look at beautiful paintings.


"What we found is when you look at art – whether it is a landscape, a still life, an abstract or a portrait – there is strong activity in that part of the brain related to pleasure.


Professor Zeki added: "What we are doing is giving scientific truth to what has been known for a long time – that beautiful paintings makes us feel much better. But what we didn't realize until we did these studies is just how powerful the effect on the brain is.“


The study is being seized upon as proof of the need for art to be made as widely available to the general public as possible.

Brain Scans Reveal the Power of Art, by Robert Mendick, Telegraph May 8, 2011


The Neurology of Beauty, by Semir Zeki,

Have you ever wondered how or if Art influences behavior or attitudes? If so, in what way? Can Art be used to market goods and services? The below secrets will give you the answers to these questions. . . .

Expert Secrets of Art - #5


Art Provides Pleasure!


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