There is no cost for artists to be in this program.

The only cost to you as an artist is a commission when your art sells in an A2B venue.

Would you like to join the Art2Business Program and show your art in local businesses in your region?

Please submit the Artist Submittal Form and we will take a look at your online portfolio to decide if you are a good fit for our program. We will need a website, facebook site or some other way to see your portfolio online. Please make sure you include the url on the form. 


Also feel free to read the Frequently Asked Questions below to get more information about the program. 

NOTE : By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the Terms of Use , Privacy and Conditions of Sale that can be accessed on the footer below.

Once we receive this form we will review your online portfolio and decide whether you are a good fit for the program. We are looking for professional artists who have exhibited before and for artwork that is suitable for public exhibits.

Artists’ Frequently Asked Questions


How does the business choose which art to show? 

We share all the websites of the artists that have signed up for the program. The business then looks at the artist’s online portfolios and decides which artist they would like to exhibit.

Does an artist have to show their work? 

No, you always have a choice in where your art is shown. I will offer a business to you that has chosen your work and you can decide whether or not to exhibit your work there.

How long is an exhibit? 

The contract with the business states that each exhibit is 3 months long. If a piece sells you can replace it with another piece. You can also continue to show it on your website and if it sells somewhere else you can replace it with the one in the exhibit.

Can I exhibit prints or giclees? 

Yes. We do prefer originals but giclees and prints are perfectly acceptable. Each exhibit should have at least a couple originals.

Can I provide marketing materials and a bio? 

In most cases, Yes! Some businesses have space limitations and will only be able to show your bio. Most businesses have room for business cards, rack cards, post cards, etc.

Who provides the labels? 

A2B will provide you with an electronic file to print out your labels and display with your artwork. We prefer you use hanging putty when hanging the label.

Who contacts the artist when an item sells? 

In most cases it will be your A2B contact person. Some businesses may contact you directly if they have chosen to have a retail contract with A2B.

Who pays the artist when a piece sells? 

The artist chooses whether or not to sell their artwork in an A2B venue. You may choose to exhibit your work only and not to sell it. If you choose to sell it you can hire the A2B Sales Manager as your independent contractor to handle all sales transactions. In most cases, your A2B Sales Manager will pay you directly for the item minus the agreed upon commission (which averages between 25% or 50%). If a business has decided to sign a retail contract then they will pay the artist directly minus the 25% or 30% commission. The artist is notified of this when scheduling for an exhibit. Also if you are a member of A2B through your local Art Center or Co-op then the Art Center or Co-op will be handling sales transactions and paying you.

What is the commission? 

Depending on your agreement with your Independent Sales Manager it will range from 25% to 50% when an item sells. The amount varies depending on the agreement with the business/gallery/art center or Sales Manager, but is no greater than 50%. Most common commission is 25%.

How much does it cost to be in the A2B program? 

It costs nothing for an artist to be in the program. Each artist is vetted in based on professionalism, appropriateness of the artwork for businesses, quantity of work and of course, quality of work.

Questions about the Artist Contract:

Section 2.3 and 7.1 of the contract: Could you please clarify what the artist's liability is towards "invitees, representatives, volunteers and agents” and also define those terms? 

Invitees are anyone that the artist brings with them to hang their exhibit or take it down. The term volunteer also is referring to someone that the artist brings or sends in to retrieve their artwork or do anything for them that is needed to hang or take down the exhibit. Representatives and agents are people the artist has contracted or hired to hang or take down the exhibit or represent them in anyway regarding their artwork. In Section 2.3 you are stating that you are responsible for the people you bring in to help with your artwork and are liable for their behavior and actions.

Section 3.2 of the contract: Hypothetically. . . if an individual buys a painting from the business gallery, their associate likes it and contacts the artist for a commission. Is the commissioned painting then subject to the 25 - 50% of the price?

Yes, you pay an agreed upon commission that you have entered into with your independent contractor/Sales manager before exhibiting your work in an A2B venue. You do retain your rights at all time to your artwork.

Section 5.5 of the contract: Please give me an example of the cost for cleaning up after an exhibition.  What happens if my work is exhibited with other artists work? How is the cost divided and who decides what cleaning service to hire, if necessary? 

We are referring to cleaning as taking down artwork, labels and any marketing material that you provided. If you have brought tools and equipment to hang the artwork and to take it down, you are agreeing to remove all your own equipment.

Section 7.2 of the contract: "THEFT/BROKEN ITEMS" I am concerned about the "marred walls". Does this mean that the artist is responsible and has to pay to have it/them fixed? 

No, this is saying that any A2B participant, including artists are not responsible for marred walls, broken items that the business owns or 

stolen property of the business while hanging their artwork or taking it down. This clause is actually protecting the artist and any A2B employee from any damages occurring while hanging artwork or taking it down.

Section 8.6 of the contract: Why is this agreement under Oregon law? Does this mean that anything 

not covered in the contract could be filled in by the default laws of that state? 

Art2Business was founded in Oregon and resides in Oregon. In case of any litigation it would be handled in Oregon courts. As stated in Section 2.3 of the contract, “Artist shall conduct all of their business affairs in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, ordinances and other legal requirements applicable thereto. We adhere to all local/state laws and expect our artists to do the same. All applicable state and local taxes must be collected and paid by the artist or the A2B sales manager if that has been arranged between the sales manager and the artist.

Get your artwork off your studio floor and show it off to hundreds of people in a public setting.
Many businesses choose to have public receptions giving you an opportunity to meet potential clients and collectors.

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